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About Our App

Trolley is a respected and recognized influence in the fashion and apparel store management field, helping store owners in not only enhancing their online store with new e-commerce features, but also tracking their customers' online shopping experiences and attracting new clients.
At the heart of our organization is a keen passion to help fashion and apparel businesses meet the needs of the future. Our solutions are created with a long-term vision setting, with the goal of improving fashion and apparel businesses and communities. Our app is configured so that store owners can deliver the best an experience to their customers, and better meet their ever-dynamic needs, both now and into the future. At the core of what we offer is an intelligent, cognitive e-commerce app that can be seamlessly integrated to each of our clients e-commerce stores.
Our app allows your customers to create and share outfits while they shop, share their outfit arrangements on social media with networks of individuals who share similar interests, bringing you even more clients. Our holistic solutions and tracking technologies help vendors reach customers with the optimal products they need and improve their conversions by re-exposing their past customers to the products they saved before but didn’t pay for. 
Ultimately, our solutions are designed to help fashion and apparel e-commerce store owners anticipate and adapt to the future, take advantage of customers' shopping experience to improve conversions, innovate faster and continue the rapid prototyping of new ideas, and most importantly, meet customer needs in real-time.
Trolley - working with you, to reinvent your e-commerce store outcomes.



Trolley™ profits from monthly and annual subscriptions paid for by the subscribing E-commerce Store-Owner.


Trolley™ is a trademark of Bismuth Media, LLC

Privacy Policy

Trolley™ is an e-commerce software by Bismuth Media, LLC developed with the purpose of enabling customers to create outfits while they shop. The privacy of the subscribing E-Commerce Store-Owner and their Customers is important to us, and thus we must make the following disclaimers:

1. Trolley™ does not collect personally identifiable information (PII) from the subscribing E-Commerce Store-Owner or their Customers.

2. Store-specific consumer metrics are not reported to Bismuth Media, LLC in any way.

3. Customer-arranged images and outfits are stored within the customer's in-app profile, and are not shared with the subscribing E-Commerce Store-Owner, third parties, or Bismuth Media, LLC. Because these images and outfits contain images of products prepared by the subscribing E-Commerce Store-Owner, Customers are limited to personal, non-commercial use of these items, and are not permitted to sell, license, or transfer these items to any other person.

4. Products saved by the Customer, and the monetary value of those products, are reported to the subscribing E-Commerce Store-Owner; however, this information can not be linked to the individual Customer.

5. Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook social media integrations are enabled for the exclusive use of the Customer, not the subscribing E-Commerce Store-Owner or Bismuth Media, LLC.

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